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We put a lot of thought into the materials we select for our eyewear. High-quality acetate. Scratch-resistant lenses. But when it comes to metals, what is the best choice? In our book, it’s pretty hard to beat titanium.

We have a soft spot for this miracle metal, but what makes titanium so special?

What is Titanium?

Element number 22 on the periodic table, titanium is a strong, lightweight metal found in almost every ignatius rock. Despite its ubiquity, it wasn’t officially discovered until 1791 by an amateur geologist in England. 

Now, we know that it is the seventh most abundant metal on Earth, making it much more affordable to use in jewelry, glasses, and other wearables than more precious metals. Titanium is nearly as strong as steel, but at a shocking 45% of the weight. It is widely used across a multitude of industries including aircraft and automotive parts, medical implements, and of course, eyewear.

Why We Love It

Titanium’s unique one-two punch of durability and lightness lends itself perfectly to the optical world. The ability to build lightweight frames that can withstand the rigors of daily life allows us to design more elegant frames that would be easier to permanently bend or break with other metals. In fact, titanium’s flexibility means that in many circumstances, they will bounce right back to their original shape without having to take them to an optician or watch a YouTube video involving pliers and a blow torch. Avoiding a trip to the emergency room is always a plus.

Titanium is allergy-free, so for those with metal sensitivities, it’s a great frame option. It is also corrosion- and scratch-resistant, so buying titanium glasses is an investment that will more than pay for itself over the long haul. 

How We Use Titanium

All of Philippe V’s eyewear is expertly manufactured in Japan. We source our titanium from suppliers who uphold our high standards of quality and excellence. The frames that we make out of titanium are some of our favorites, not just because they last forever, but because they look so damn good. Whether you’re seeking refuge from the glaring sun or just to be able to read the street signs in your neighborhood, you should give titanium glasses a spin.

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