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Philippe V was founded with a core value of personal and social liberation. We believe that there is a little anarchist in each of us, and we want our brand to help people express their rebellious side. But our ethic of kicking against the status quo reaches far beyond a pair of sunglasses or a piece of jewelry. Here are a few reflections on modern rebellion.

Fighting the Man

Upholding personal conviction through collective action is a vital part of standing up for ourselves and those we care about. In the last several years, a creep towards fascism and corrupt government/law enforcement have brought people to the streets in greater numbers than we’ve seen in decades.

The Women’s March in 2017 saw women and their allies in the US and abroad rally against news threats to their personal freedoms. Likewise Black Lives Matter protests reignited a spirit of collective activism in the US beginning 2020, standing up against police brutality and oppression. Student protests highlighting the climate crisis, the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement in Hong Kong. We believe that it’s important to stand in the gap for those who are oppressed and suffering.

Business as Unusual

Rebellion is not only expressed in activism, but in bucking trends in the business world. Figures like Brian Cheskey of AirBnB, Vlad Tenev of Robinhood, and Elon Musk of…well…many things, have built entire brands off of bypassing traditional industry norms and pushing things into the future. 

It turns out that thinking outside of the box can pay big dividends, changing the very nature of the commercial landscape and the way we interact with the world and each other.

Personal Rebellion

Oftentimes, the greatest oppression is self-imposed. At Philippe V, we believe that when you free your mind, you free your spirit. Our designs reflect a sense of individual liberation, courageous self-expression, and bold individualism. May we together toss off society’s constraints and walk in confidence into a better future for all.

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