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Philippe Vergez has lived many lives. Rock’n’roller. Surfer. Father. And, as you well know if you are visiting our site, designer of luxury eyewear and other wearable objects. His products have earned nods from the likes of Vogue, USA Sunglasses Magazine, and the Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council. They have adorned celebrities and taste-makers the globe over, and are centered around bringing out the inner rebel and iconoclast in each of their owners.

Our brand was on the rise. But life happens.

In 2019, it was discovered that Philippe was suffering from heart disease and would have to undergo a series of surgeries. They were successful, and the support from our community was overwhelming, but it did leave us in a position where we had to make some hard decisions. After a good deal of deliberation, we decided to press pause on the brand in order for him to make a full recovery.

It turns out that when you are forced to slow down, even for painful reasons, beautiful fruit can spring up. Philippe’s extended break afforded him a chance to reflect, regroup, and come up with a direction forward for the brand. As his health improved, so did his resolve to move his company into a bright new future. Ideas moved to dreams, dreams moved to plans, and plans moved to actions.

The result is the relaunch of Philippe V as a brand and the release of our new Renaissance collection. Bold, elegant designs that were born out of struggle and exemplify the fighting spirit in each of us. Humans are resilient, and we believe the things we wear should be as well. 

We’re pulling out all of the stops to source the best materials we can find while keeping our prices at an approachable level. We are working with a new manufacturing partner in Japan and a Logistics office near Venice, Italy, and also have plans to open physical boutiques in several cities globally. We’re taking bold steps forward, but, if you’re familiar at all with us, boldness is kind of our whole deal.

Welcome to the new chapter of Philippe V. We’re honored to have you along for the ride.

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